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things restaurant servers do wrong service industry tips - 35 things restaurant servers do wrong by dan gentile published on 08 03 2014 and you re probably going to get a better tip if the customer ordered the thing they d most enjoy, 18 tips to be a better server food n service - how to be a better server there s a huge difference in being a restaurant server who s just going through the motions of a shift and a restaurant server who owns and commands their entire shift from beginning of the shift to the end of the shift being a server is not an easy job never serve a cold salad on a hot plate, how to become a better restaurant server 27 tips - learn how to use the restaurant technology like the restaurant pos ahead of the dinner rush always find a neutral place for the check remember every guest is a new opportunity to learn how to be a good server the more you go into each shift with a positive attitude the more you ll learn and the better you ll become, server s bible 101 tips how to be a good restaurant - his 101 tips for restaurant servers have become a sort of a server s bible rules of good serving are reflections of tradition culture and respect to customer and your restaurant profession the rules are very old and new ones don t need to be invented, the 20 most annoying things servers do at restaurants - yes the restaurant business is tough and if the servers don t turn those tables the boss will not be happy but that is ultimately not the diner s problem there are egregious acts of lingering sure and those people who come in for a sparkling water and start reading war and peace are clearly assholes, how to be a great restaurant server chef seattle - but the server was an example of superior service because of how professionally he dealt with the situation he admitted his mistake quickly sincerely apologized and comped the table in return we rewarded the server with a generous tip and the restaurant with a solid review, how to be a better restaurant server tips on improving - david hayden managers servers blanchard chic fil a customer appreciation customer service food how restaurant owners can increase sales how to be a better restaurant manager how to be a better restaurant server how to have a better night johnny the bagger making a difference restaurant server server blog servers service serving, the 5 best server tips and tricks restaurant insider - why your servers are your best salespeople servers are the face of your restaurant when it comes to deciding where to dine customers have choices no matter how great the location the food or the ambiance nothing ruins a meal faster than terrible service good service however can be a differentiator, how to be a good server - being a server in a restaurant is more than just having a sociable tips for serving large groups hiring front of house staff is a significant part of managing a restaurant