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encyclopedia of the third reich louis l snyder - encyclopedia of the third reich louis l snyder on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers covers all the important people both nazis and members of the resistance military operations concepts, third reich facts history britannica com - third reich official nazi designation for the regime in germany from january 1933 to may 1945 as the presumed successor of the medieval and early modern holy roman empire of 800 to 1806 the first reich and the german empire of 1871 to 1918 the second reich, the encyclopedia of the third reich christian zentner - this encyclopedia dissects in unprecedented detail the structure and spirit of the third reich more than 3000 entries by leading german historians encompass the full spectrum of nazi politics culture sports religion education and economics as well as key events battles laws and ideological notions, germany the third reich 1933 45 britannica com - the third reich 1933 45 the nazi revolution when hitler finally became chancellor on january 30 1933 it was not on the crest of a wave of popular support but as the result of backroom political intrigue by schleicher papen and the president s son oskar von hindenburg, third reich books oakleaf militaria - third reich militaria offered by longtime collector specializing in afrika korps tropical headgear panzer waffen ss luftwaffe kriegsmarine heer headgear awards medals edged weapons posters, why did hitler call his government the third reich enotes - the use of the phrase third reich was intended to connote a sense of connection with the past particularly the german past the first reich was the holy roman empire which lasted hundreds of, wilton fijenoord armored car 1933 tank encyclopedia - illustration of the wilton fijenoord by tank encyclopedia s own david bocquelet use when the car was tested in the dutch counties of noord brabant and limburg no problems occurred, 7 5 cm pak 40 anti tank gun one the best of ww2 - the pak 40 is one of the most famous german anti tank guns of the second world war they were used by numerous armies and were also mounted on tanks